Space Propulsion and Space Transportation Systems

Event Type Lecture (master's degree)
Lecturer Michael Börner
Semester Summer semester
Contact Hours 2
Credit Points (CP) 4
Language English
Time and Location Fridays from 3:20 p.m. to 5:00 p.m in room L1|01-24K
Syllabus Space transportation activities in the segments earth-to-orbit, in-orbit and interplanetary. Main technical requirements. Computational methods to determine the main orbital parameters and delta-v requirements. Main equations to size space transportation systems; functional principle, components and equations of space propulsion systems; chemical liquid propellant rocket engine cycles; technical impacts of modern developments and possible conflicts arising during the decision making process and during the development of space propulsion and transportation systems.
Prerequisities for Participation Basics in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics
Literature Lecture notes will be provided electronically (pdf).
Registration TUCaN
Assessment Method Oral exam
Associated Study Programme Master AE: EA III (courses of natural science and engineering)
Master MB: EA III (courses of natural science and engineering)
Master PST: EA III (courses of natural science and engineering for paper science technology)
Consultation-hour Appointment by arrangement