Plasma Actuators

Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuators (DBD Actuators) are electronic devices that can be used for flow control applications.

The standard DBD actuator consists of three components: two metallic electrodes and an insulation material which separates the electrodes. The electrodes are arranged with a parallel offset so that a clear actuation direction is given.

By applying a radio frequency high voltage to the electrodes a weakly ionized plasma in the surrounding air is generated. Because of the electromagnetic field the charged particles are accelerated. They transfer the momentum to neutral air molecules by collisions. A net body force is generated in the fluid, without changing the mass flux. The body force can be used for flow control applications.

The advantages of these actuators compared to other applications is the lack of moving mechanical parts, the simple layout, the little weight and the possibility of real time control.

Voltage: 3-12 kVpp
Frequency: 7-13 kHz

LuFo4-IV, Ökoeffizientes Fliegen: „AKSA- Aktive Kontrolle von Störungen in der Aerodynamik“