Fundamental Research

Among the research projects with industrially relevant topics, the GLR engages in basic research. Detailed but also generic investigation yielding universally valid knowledge, which would not be obtainable in industry-oriented research, are in focus of interest. But in every case the aim is the same, an enlarged understanding of phenomena and observations related to industrially relevant topics.

The influence of plasma actuator momentum on the secondary flow in a bend duct shed light on the meaningfulness of the use of plasma actuators in turbines for instance.

Another good example is the extensive investigation of cyclone flows with Magnetic Resonance Velocimetry. Without this detailed research the most observed phenomena during cyclone cooling experiments could not be understand.

Furthermore many other basic research investigations, as the sublimation behaviour of naphthalene, were performed at GLR as a part of an industry-oriented project.

Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuators (DBD Actuators) are electronic devices that can be used for flow control applications.

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The KalibrationsWindKanal (CalibrationWindTunnel) “KWK” is made for generation of an arbitrarily defined free jet of air.

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The small wind tunnel “KWK” is the main tool for basic investigations at GLR with a wide range of application.

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