Transonic Compressor 2

The new test facility for transonic compressor stages TCD2 is based on the know-how gathered by transonic compressor 1. It adopts the basic concept of an open-circle test facility. Air is sucked into the compressor via a settling chamber and a bellmouth. At the compressor outlet the air is guided through a throttle and a collector box and emitted to the ambience. The compressor is driven by a 1,8MW electrical drive. The speed transformation from motor speed to compressor speed is achieved vie a planetary gearbox. Measurement of compressor power and efficiency is performed by a contact-free torque transducer.

Inflow: axial
Drive power: 1,8 MW
Outside diameter: 0,49 m
massflow: 25 kg/s
Pressure ratio: > 1,7
Speed: 18900 rpm
Conventional: Total pressure and total temperature at stage exit
Wall pressure
Unsteady wall pressure measurement (Kulites)
Stator leading edge instrumentation
Probes: 5-Hole-probe
Transient total pressure probe
Blade-vibration: Strain-gauge measurement System
Capacitive tip-timing system
  • AGTurbo COOREFLEX-turbo
  • AG Turbo ECOFlex-turbo
  • AG Turbo Flex_Verdi