The Institute of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion is a capable research partner for challenges around all relevant components in a turbomachine. At the institute’s test rigs turbomachine components are investigated experimentally. Due to their complexity and size, those facilities are unique and offer the possibility for detailed investigation of flow phenomena. A core competence of the institute is the development and application of special measurement techniques for turbomachines.

Besides from the test rigs, the institute also owns a highly modern computing cluster and has the expertise to carry out numerical simulations with all common commercial and research simulation tools. The simulations are used to tackle challenges in turbomachine aerodynamics, thermodynamics and structural dynamics.

Experimental investigations and numerical simulations are carried out in parallel. As a result, the validation of simulation results and an in depth analysis of the experimental data is possible.

The 1 or 1.5-stage Transonic Compressor 1 is used for experimental investigation of compressor aerodynamics and aeroelasticity.

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After commissioning of the Transonic Compressor 2 in 2018, the institute operates a second state-of-the-art compressor. It’s design and technology is based on the know-how from over two decades of research at TCD1 and provides a higher performance level.

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