Calibration wind tunnel

The KalibrationsWindKanal (Calibration wind tunnel) “KWK” is made for generation of an arbitrarily defined free jet of air. It is a variable system which can be adapted to the requirements of each measurement campaign.

Main components are the two combinable blowers in pressure mode, automated valves, cushioning tanks, several in some cases completely adiabatic nozzles, an extensive and high precise pressure and temperature measurement technique as well as an automated traversing unit. The generated jets show a wide area of defined flow velocity and known pressure.

Hence the KWK is mainly used for calibration of flow measurement techniques, as multiple hole probes or hot wire probes. Furthermore it is also the ideal tool for experimental investigations of the recovery effect of Kiel-head-probes or the turbulence distribution downstream of a swirl generator.

blower 1: flow rate XX m³/h
blower 2: flow rate XX m³/h
Cushioning tanks volume: about 10m³
Mach-number: from 0.01 to 0.85
Air temperature: from 20°C up to 80°C
  • Static Wall Pressure
  • Total Pressure
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Pitch-angle Detection
  • calibration of five hole probes and hot wire probes within all research projects at GLR
  • experimental investigation of the recovery effect of Kiel-head probes within research projects and as industrial contract research
  • several areo-thermodynamic experiments within research projects
  • experiments within the tutorial