Numerische Auslegung eines Turbulenzgraderzeugers für Wasserstoffverbrennung

Numerical Design of a Turbulence Generator for Hydrogen Combustion

Masterthesis, Advanced Design Project (ADP)

The reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases requires modern combustion concepts based on hydrogen combustion. The combustion of hydrogen implies novel turbine inlet conditions. The approval of novel engines with hydrogen combustion requires comprehensive experimental investigations of the impact of hydrogen combustion on the high-pressure turbine. For this reason, a variable turbulence generator for investigations within the Large Scale Turbine Rig will be designed at the GLR in cooperation with Rolls-Royce Deutschland. As a first step of the research project a turbulence generator that meets the required turbine inlet conditions has to be designed numerical. Within this MTh, a numerical setup has to be created, a parameter study to identify sensitivities on the turbine inlet conditions has to be conducted and a geometry for the turbulence generator has to be derived that fulfils all aerodynamic requirements.