Konzeptentwicklung einer Kaskade zur Messtechnik- Entwicklung

Design Study for a Measurement Testing Wind Tunnel

Advanced Research Project (ARP), Advanced Design Project (ADP)

The challenging requirements of modern jet engines and gas turbines have led to complex, highly 3-d flow mechanisms that are even coupled with other disciplines (structure, thermal management). To gain an understanding and further improve modern jet engines and gas turbines, experimental investigations are mandatory. To account for the complex, highly 3-d flow mechanisms experimental investigations in the turbomachinery laboratory are continuously transforming to high-sophisticated measurement techniques. Therefore, the test facility of the GLR needs a wind tunnel that allows the testing and development of new, capable and highly- accurate measurement techniques. The concept development of a measurement testing wind tunnel within this ADP is the first step for the development of highly-sophisticated measurement techniques. Scope of this ADP is the design of the flow path, the probe traversing system, the experimental accessibility as well as the control mechanisms for operating point and data acquisition.