Excellent fundamental reasearch in combination with a strong focus on practical use and applications: The institute of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion is one of the leading research institutes of the turbomachinery industry. Our goal is to gain the best understanding of the aerodynamics as well as heat transfer effects in a turbomachinery by connecting experimental and numerical investigations. This knowledge should be used in applications immediately at the same time.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.-P. Schiffer

Our goal is to contribute to the continuing technical progess of the turbomachinery by a focused and distinct group of limited staff.

Picture: FG GLR

University Technology Center (UTC)

The institute GLR is part of a joint research centre of the Technical University of Darmstadt and Rolls-Royce. The partnership mainly deals with the aerodynamic and thermal interaction between the combustion chamber and the turbine in jet engines.

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Our Partner – A Selection

The institute GLR works together with several considerable corporations of the the turbomachinery industry. A selection can be seen here. Learn more